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Create a marketing strategy that surprises you.

Simple business plans no longer work in our fast-paced world of today.

A/B Testing

When writing content for a website, it is often hard to decide exactly what wording to use, or what will work best for you and your brand. We all think differently and the text we decide on is a representation of our brand and the message we want to convey.

With A/B testing you no longer have to settle on just one version of your text.

Allow yourself the freedom to experiment and create many variations of your message; then track the effectiveness of your wording via the amount of time someone spends reading your content, click conversion, or many other trackable variables.

Market Research

Researching your target audience and market is essential to an efficient marketing plan from the very beginning. By delivering surveys to those intrested in what you are creating.

You can find out directly from your customers, exactly what they want to buy, and how much they are willing to pay.

Using tools like SurveyMonkey, these surveys can be created quickly, effciently, and provide you with an accurate direction in which to direct your marketing.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are mini, one-page versions of your website, which convey a direct marketing approach for only one of your products or services. All of the distraction and information overload of your main website is removed. It is a focused attempt at gaining a sale, or contact information from your customer.

Used properly, they will help increase your sales and grow your contact lists for future marketing use.

Gain valuable insight from your customers to perfect your marketing.

Find a niche, and develop your pitch!

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