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Secret #1: How To Get Started In Crypto
Learn how to safely and easily buy your first cryptocurrency without a lot of money or technical knowledge.
Secret #2: How To Build A Portfolio With ICOs
Learn how to diversify your cryptocurrency holdings to create a solid investment portfolio that grows.
Secret #3: How To Spend Crypto
Learn how to spend your cryptocurrency anywhere in the world, even if they don't accept cryptocurrency.
Join the Guru Academy
Join the Guru Academy
I created the Guru Academy to help anyone interested in cryptocurrencies from beginners to experts learn and expand their knowledge through guided courses that each you not only the fundamentals of crypto, how to avoid scams and how to build a properly diversified and well researched portfolio, but also to provide those with a like-minded interest a place where they could build off of each other and build true wealth.
What People Are Saying:
 I was kind of wandering the Crypto scene by myself and got burnt for quite a bit of money.

Once I found Jeff and started to get his information and insight on how things work and how to set thing things up safely it really has been a help and eased my peace of mind to know that I'm going to be set up in the best way available.

So I really do appreciate your courses!
- Tracy Counterman
Michigan, United States
Jeff has taught me a lot about being patient, which is really important, and about technical analysis within cryptocurrency. 

He's also teached me about looking at patterns and looking at trends he's shown me a bunch of tools that I can use to analyze cryptocurrencies and they've been very powerful.
Thirdly Jeff has given me a very good tips on cryptocurrency so he does a lot of analysis on lot of the coins and he always has good tips so as a result of all of these three I'm currently up about three times my initial investment.
I've learnt a lot from Jeff and I still think there's a lot more I can learn from him.
- Kingsley Advani
London, United Kingdom
 I had heard about cryptocurrencies through friends but wasn't really sure what they were or how to get started.

I found Jeff through his Crypto Future Wealth group on Facebook and after joining his academy i couldn't believe how much potential these things can offer!

I started with just a small amount but have quickly built a nice portfolio and always find something new in his courses to learn.

The weekly workshops are freakin' awesome!
- Kyle Winter
California, United States
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